Posted by: Pat O'Brien | February 23, 2012

Thank you for taking the time for an introduction….

Creating a blog has been in my imagination for as long as I’ve been reading the many enthusiastic posts on baking sites I come across….  I had baked and decorated cookies for many years at home with/for my children, for charitable events etc. when that passion combined with various “life events” to make possible the opportunity of starting a specialty baking business.  My company has just celebrated its fifth anniversary and, thanks to our wonderful customers, has increased sales substantially in every one of those five years.  My two favorite parts of this venture are (1) customer contact, mostly by phone or email since our customers are located around the country, and (2) creating new cookie designs.  The photo at the top of this page is of one of my “drawing boards” along with some of the finished cookies in our “I Love Winter (at the beach)!” assortment.

There are many timesaving and quality-enhancing hints that I’ll share over the next several months — for example,  how to host a successful cookie baking or decorating “party” with children or adults (and trust me, it’s not always an opportunity to succeed), simple how-to’s for the home baker, some packaging possibilities for showcasing your finished (baked) product — and for mailing it as well.  We try many of the cookie decorating accessories and tools on the market — we’ll let you know which ones we love and which ones actually make our work more difficult.

If you’re a cookie monster but not a home baker, I’ll share with you some ideas and wonderfully original applications that my customers have brought to us — and we’d love your suggestions for assortments you’d like us to offer in our online cookie shop.

OK, by now you’ve figured out that there is really a wide continuum of relevant subjects …. I hope you find the information interesting and useful.  Thank you again for taking the time to read this introduction.


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